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The project’s concrete goals are to equip adult trainers with the skills they’ll need to help their students hone their digital skills, get more people interested in their brand, and find work in today’s increasingly digital world, while also ensuring that their students stay safe online.


The project’s aim is to increase the supply of human resources in the field of Internet of Things and to provide VET teachers and students with the required qualifications. And to provide innovation by integrating the Gamification technique into vocational training.


Craftsmanship professions are covering sectors such as interior design, fashion, cultural heritage preservation, traditional building, and tourism. And the project’s goal is to demonstrate how craftsmanship can contribute to more sustainability and responsible consumption.


The aim of the project are to develop and test innovative teaching materials according to learners ‘perceptions, perceptual features and learning styles, guiding students to self-directed learning, promoting exchanges in this field, strengthening teachers’ knowledge and reducing social vulnerability.


The project comes into action and tries toenhance quality in adult education and helps to ensure that adult education providers are able to find high quality adult education results which can be used in practice and which base on excellent adult education projects.



This structured course helps to understand, recognize and support the real leadership qualities in yourself and others. It will build and maintain high quality relationships to achieve professional and personal goals. 

Leadership Academy


The goal of the LEVEL UP project is to create online and face-to-face activities for young people to develop modular learning that facilitates their employability.



Sustainable Cafe Project is framed around empowering adults and an interactive process of high quality learning opportunities for disadvantaged adult groups, including low-skilled/low qualified, marginalized, socially excluded adults
and migrants. Sustainable


The aim of the project is to promote the equality of chances in the field of entrepreneurship, by inclusion in the field of adult education, especially in rural and underdeveloped areas. 


ADDART provides guide for adult education gives priority to Improving the availability of high quality learning opportunities for adults and creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and take-up of adult education. In our everyday life, there are adults are not always able to adapt to the changing needs of vulnerable people.



With the project, personal/digital competences will emerge most prominently in connection with digital thinking, entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, innovation and ICT-based education for young people.



The primary objective of this project is that teachers’ gaining digital skills, learning web2 tools, being able to use them in their classes,gaining skills that enable them to integrate to their curriculums, sharing the experiences with the participating countries,improving of their language skills and the exchange of the good practices among the participating countries.



This project has four defined objectives that directly address the problem of inclusion and diversity:
Raising awareness through the understanding of the situation of women in science. Creating educational tools that help raise awareness and promote interest in STEAM fields, particularly among young women and girls. Encourage participants to be active members of society by understanding social issues. Increasing visibility of female scientists, focusing on the impact of young women in research.



This project aims to improve people’s knowledge and capabilities in using technology effectively, efficiently, and safely. This includes skills such as basic computer literacy, proficiency in using software and applications, online communication, digital security, and data management. 



This structured course aims to improve participant‘s practical skills based on coaching theory techniques and styles. Highly efficient teams are a prerequisite for success in the company. Research shows that team performance depends on collaboration, adaptability, responsibility and trust. Thanks to various coaching techniques the team can develop together, discover common values, goals and ways of working, understand the needs of the company and identify with new ways to contribute to their personal success and the success of the company for which they work.



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